In respect of servicing and maintenance of Centrifuge Separation and Filtration Equipment.
Source and Install of NEW and USED Centrifuge Separation and Filtration Equipment, with International Assistance.
Servicing, Maintenance, Repairs, Refurbishing used Equipment and Supplying of Spares.

The following are but a few of the types of machines which we service and maintain.
Centrifuge Decanters. (Horizontal Bowl Type and Screen Bowl.)
High Speed Disc Separators.
Filter Presses. (Chamber and Membrane Plates)
Belt Presses.
Superbowl Centrifuges (Tubular.)
Pusher Centrifuge. (Perforated / Screen type.)

We service the following industries:

Blood (by-products)
Edible oil industry (canola and olive Oil)
Dewatering plants.
Waste water treatment (Effluent)
Mining.(zinc, gold, copper and coal )
Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Machine Repairs & Overhauls
Our repair and overhaul services are designed to return a machine to near original specifications. Involving not only the mechanical design aspects of the machine, but process design features as well. The nature of the equipment and the many process applications to which they are applied makes adherence to OEM specifications important. However, where practical, continual improvements to original specifications can be incorporated to the overhaul of standard equipment, resulting in a more cost effective refurbishment, with greater reliability.
We have the experience and capability to service all brands of Centrifuge Separation and Filtration Equipment including the supply of OEM parts.

Dynamically Balancing of Rotating Equipment up to 3000 kgs.

Spare Parts

We will endeavor to source spares, new and refurbished from local and international sources.

Equipment Hire.

To meet our customers short term needs, We are in the process of building a mobile unit, which comprises of a Centrifuge Decanter and a High Speed Disc Separator.
Which we will use as a stand by for breakdowns, or as a test unit.
Together with this equipment, We offer complete technical support for any separation technology application.

On-Site Assistance Available Services include:

Problem solving from Process to Mechanical issues.
Installation of new or repaired Centrifuge Separation and Filtration equipment of any Manufacturer.
Mechanical and/or process training on new or existing equipment.
Performance optimization and testing on existing or pilot plant equipment.
Troubleshooting equipment and/or performance problems.
Preventive maintenance services.
Vibration analysis.

Conditioning Monitoring of machines are available, which will give you peace of mind on your equipment.
Assistance with competitive equipment and/or training.

All work is done by qualified personnel.
A twenty four hour breakdown service is available.
We look forward to being of assistance to you in your endeavour to be the most productive and cost effective business on the market.

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